i despise facebook.
from the logging in process to the lavender and white layout to the updates to the applications
i hate facebook.
i'm on my second round with it, after disabling or deactivating as they call it for a few months
i'll take it down again soon. i think i wanted to see what all the hype is.

here it is, the hype:

even moreso than friendster or myspace, or even linkedin or any of the others, fb is the ultimate popularity weapon. i've watched people accumulate friends exponentially on there, faster than i've seen anywhere else. maybe this triggers some awful remnants resembling high school. maybe i just want to take my round pizza wheel and throw it at someone, and watch the cold, greasy middle stick to them as the coagulated sauce drips down their chin. maybe i'm the one with the problem. maybe not having been popular in high school really did a number on me. or maybe, i just don't give a crap what everyone is up to. do i care that you're married? or you're engaged? does it impact me that you have a toddler and another on the way? does your life make me jealous, do i crave what you have? no. i don't. and i don't need to see you showing up in my 'people you might want to befriend' list. no, i don't want to befriend you.


i'm angry at myself for even blogging this.

au revoir, facebook. i'll be over here, getting my arms tickled for free.


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