i've spent the past few weeks lurking on a number of blogs i've sought out and others that i stumbled across.
the deeper i delve into this web 2.0 experience the more i learn about the online subculture and multitudinous varieties of subcultures listed within.
it gives me a sense of commitment phobia.
in everything i do, i always find my faults. and so my fault in blogging is that i don't have a niche. i don't have a distinct supra-culture that drives people here to read.
i'm just going on about my tiny little world.

i am learning that there is a sense of anonymity that seems impenetrable.
this appears to add to the safety and secrecy of the internet.

i'm left wondering so many things.
do bloggers out there make their sites public to their friends?
do bloggers keep their sites secret and deal with unexpected encounters as they come?
how much do we reveal?
how much is fiction?
where is the line drawn between i know you and i don't?

maybe i'm over-analyzing.
wouldn't be the first time.

just another fault.

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