please new job; kthxbai

it is getting serious now

the headache sets in by 8:10am

by 9 i remembered that i want to carry a notebook with me to record all the travesties of the day

the first floor unisex bathroom is broken

there is no soap in the dispensers on the 2nd floor

someone knocked the tp to the floor and stepped on it, rolled it around in the wet pee puddle and left it there

a garbage can has been tipped over in the hallway

fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you is scribbled endlessly in the stairwells

the principal doesn't reply to my emails

the math coach stalks me - there is nowhere to hide

the 7th graders show up where the 6th graders are and won't leave

the kindergarteners run through the hallway and don't stop when i say stop running

i can't bloody teach a thing because nobody will shut up and listen

i can't even post instructions because they won't bloody read them

a fight breaks out in my classroom and nobody is available to help break it up

it goes on for 10 minutes before security shows up

the two girls are back in school the very next day as if it never happened

i'm told i can't attend a meeting to learn about new software which will benefit the school for years to come

i eat my lunch in the hallway because classes are constantly in my room

there are candy wrappers left on my floors even though i have a no eating room

i complain endlessly and try to make the system work but there is no system and it doesn't work.

i send out 20 resumes and hear back from no one.

more to come.

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