financial crisis

so daunting, so dooming, so looming and inevitable.
we're hearing mixed messages, that's for sure.
it all makes me really angry.
15,000 new teachers could be laid off by next year.
that would mean every teacher with less than 3 years of experience.
which would mean i'm safe, but since i'm so far out of license, i could be a candidate for excessing. the uft is shirking me around, not returning my calls, and it's a waiting game with albany. i can't seem to get a straight answer from the state or the doe regarding whether or not my 2nd masters program will be an acceptable means of educational technology certification.

and holy jeez, they're talking about bumping class size up again. i read today that by increasing class size by just 2, we would save 187 million a year.

and then we can buy two more editions of aris with the savings.

seriously, please.

who is making the decisions in this city?

when is education going to be taken seriously in the country?

why are we bailing out banks and people who overspent on a house they couldn't afford?

why are three important teachers from my school sitting in a room somewhere for the past month grading state assessments that they don't believe in? albany demands the assessments, then schools should not have to give up valuable resources to grade those exams. we now have every child who receives mandate ESL services getting shafted because their teachers are grading tests. and students who receive extra reading help are not getting their help because their teacher is grading tests. who makes these rules? and why are things done like this? uggggg.

in other world news, i've finished up the typing/data analysis/graphing unit and we've moved into blogging for the 3rd marking period. my kids don't have this url, but i'm parallel blogging over at http://apfelteachestech.blogspot.com/. feel free to check it out.