cough; cough; cough...

the voice came back, friday evening
followed by some stringey green stuff that made its way out of my throat.

i've spent the past 5 days hacking away
in and out of school
and just this morning woke up to crusted-over eyes that once washed,
were completely bloodshot and scary.

off to the doctor with me.
it wasn't pinkeye, which would have made more sense
but somehow this virus i have made its way into my eyes.
and so i'm out till monday and washing them with warm water.

meanwhile, i feel like the most disgusting mess ever
children flee when i pass and my own cat won't come near me.

my days are filled with research on solutions for post nasal drip, hacking dry cough, expectorants, and viral infections.

right now every time i lie down about every 20 seconds i get an insane itch in the back of my throat.

this virus is kicking my ass.

i'd like a replacement immune system please.


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