big days, big days

i once made a promise to myself that i wouldn't cohabitate unless there was a ring on my finger to make it real. and now there is. and i am. no, i'm not engaged - whatever that means. with over 50% of marriages ending in divorce, the only reason to do it is for the tax benefits. and i'm not even sure i need those, as my baby did my taxes and did them beautifully. and i'm happy, and she's amazing, and beautiful, and smart, and talented, and sexy, so thanks for all that.

but here i am, 3 weeks after the move, feeling pretty groovy. got a nice place, got it mostly settled in, trying to keep it neat. cable should be coming tomorrow morning so no more ganking on the neighbors' signals, and maybe i'll be back a little more consistently.

so i just noticed today that my little sister (my only sister) commented on the post about her a few posts down. this was pretty momentous to me, especially finding it after it had been left there for us about 2 weeks after the post went up. since i've been offline, i didn't even know it was there. why do the big events always happen on fridays????

so i apologize for airing my dirty laundry here, for all the internet to see. i feel like my blog is all mucketey mucked up now that that's out. maybe i'll be starting over somewhere else. maybe not. i have a short story coming soon. it's about a decade in the making, receiving a little facelift right now.

stay tuned to an apple a day, where the drama never ends.


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