reduced to a whisper

my doctor says if the laryngitis happens again , making a 3rd time, i'll have to see an ear/nose/throat specialist.

he was by far the nicest doctor i've seen since moving to brooklyn.

being voiceless is always eye-opening. at least, it has been in my now two times of experience. you have to find the shortest way to say something. you have to wait until it's quiet to speak, especially in public places. people quiet down for you, though i have yet to test this theory out with my students and somehow i doubt they'll quiet down for me.

which reminds me, i had to confiscate a 6th grader's PSP on wednesday. she left the thing playing music on a desk in the lab, and so i took it. they don't belong in school, i'd already asked her to turn it off and put it away and she didn't, so i snagged it. later, she threw pencil shavings and my classroom pass (a defunct wireless router) on the floor and shouted at me. while i'm not intimidated by 6th grade girls, i didn't like how close she was standing to me and i didn't like her tone. i decided to hang on to this coveted psp. at the end of the school day she came to my room to pick up the psp and again yelled and shouted at me. i contacted my AP and he took the thing away to deal with. my classroom door was vandalized, the world BITCH scrawled in purple lettering with a yellow border. a lovely end to a lovely day.

then i lost my voice.

monday will be fun if it doesn't return.


dp said...

i likey when you have the sexy whisper voice...except when i can't hear you.

anne said...

i weep for the future of our contry....