eddie waits, for the first time

so today,
after some seriously overdue gettin' it on
d and i agree that it is suspiciously quiet in the hallway
so i open the door to see what's up.

eddie had pooped in the hallway, which he's never done before,
but that's not the worst of it.

d had brought back this brick o'fudge from vermont, which she was saving for a special occasion
or perhaps a serious chocolate fix.

eddie has pawed his way into the package o'fudge
completely eaten the entire thing.
my little 13 pound pup.
ate half a pound of chocolate fudge.

thinking back to the time the needle popped off my sealant adhesive at the dentist's office when i was 9
immediately i grabbed eddie, shoved my finger to the back of his tongue and throat, and tried to induce vomiting.

apparently dogs have gag reflexes but because they gag does not mean they'll hurl.

puppy poison control asked that we feed him some hydrogen peroxide and see if that would get him heaving.
which, after a trip to the beauty supply store, it did.

after the first dose of h2o2 mixed with milk, eddie was not wont to ingest more
and so when d came at him with an eyedropper of the stuff
he started this intense snarfle, complete with bared teeth.

after the first round of vomit
there was another round.
then another
and another
and then one last one
which contained some blood.

we'd determined that enough of the fudge had come back up that he wasn't in immediate danger of poisoning himself, but the blood worried me and so we went to the 24 hour vet in cobble hill.

eddie received a charcoal elixir, (lord knows how they managed to get him to drink that stuff) an injection of fluids under his skin in his neck, giving us reason to call him eddimodo, and something to take the edge off the nausea. all for the low low price of $200.

i think the fudge ran d around $11.

he's ok.

hopefully he'll think twice the next time he decides to tear open a box of treats that don't belong to him.

but probably not.


Leo MacCool said...

oh, poor eddie. glad he's feeling better. i hope next time he goes for something a little safer... my cat has a thing for eating rubber bands and other stringy things. not fun when you're worried they've eaten something that's going to hurt them!

anne said...

yikes! that's a lot of chocolate for such a little dood. i'm glad everyone involved is okay.