dogs and cats

jack and eddie
sat on the same bed
eating the same treats
both patiently waiting for more

upon being put on the floor

eddie jumped back on the bed
causing jack to jump back in defensive terror
causing eddie to jump closer
causing jack to bat his arm, claws exposed
causing eddie to take defense stance
causing jack to fat tail and hiss
causing eddie to bark
causing jack to run slink under the dining room table
causing eddie to follow
causing me to intervene.

i'm trying to see if jack can establish dominance without eddie getting hurt.

but these encounters so remind me of my relationship with my sister.

i don't know if i'm the cat and she's the dog, or i'm the dog and she's the cat, but i know our peace doesn't last long and is fragile at best.

i'm probably the dog, lumbering about, making brusque statements, being completely insensitive to anything other than myself.

eddie's always the one to approach jack, though jack's been showing his face a tiny bit more this week than last.

mom always said someday we'd be friends.

boy those chicken treats taste good.

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