5 mile days

i've made some type of vow that every day of summer vacation i will walk at least 5 miles. my cell phone has a pedometer in it, though i'm not banking on accuracy, and today we hit 9,857 steps, which is roughly equivalent to 4.8 miles. i was talking on the phone for a bit while walking, so i'm going to say that i met today's goal.

eddie seems not to mind 5 mile days, though today he lies down mid-sidewalk, sweetly looking up at me. donkey dog, let's go. he actually asked if i'd carry him. since i had a free arm i didn't mind for a block. that seemed to satisfy him, and we continued our walk home at a slowed pace, so as not to wind puppyface.

d left for vermont today. i'm home alone until next friday. if you want to pass the time with me, i have air conditioning, iced tea, and nintendo.

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Dylan said...

your phone has a pedometer. that's spectacular. i wish my phone had that... i'll put it on the list of things the iphone is missing. ergh. i can't believe the puppy kept up with you for all those miles even if he did need a bit of a rest and a few feet in your arms. too cute.