that missing computer was really the final straw

this camel's back is beyond broke, and it shows in my every move at that place.

the tale of laughter today is:

coming in to find no wireless service. the wlan was up, but no ip could be reached.

the server room, known to blow a lot of hot air read 104 on the busted mobile a/c unit.

i put in a ticket, find out they already know, and have intentionally shut us down once we hit 95.

so i let s know we need a new a/c unit - the head custodian is on vacation, lucky guy, and over the next 7 days all networked workstations will lose their dhcp lease and no longer connect to anything.

interesting how this priority is not really a priority.


i'm in a holding pattern of sorts at the moment.

i keep envisioning the morning i can say to s, 'i'm leaving you. i've been offered another position.'

what a holy dream.

much better than the one where i had to loan a certain someone my car and cell phone for somewhere between 2 and 9 days.

it's 96 here, with little sign of cooling.

can't wait to see what melts down tomorrow.


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