bouts of insomnia

maybe it's the springtime
is the conclusion at which i'm arriving
this past week and a half
when i find myself waking up
and the clock says 1:38
2:14, 3:56, 4:08, 5:15.

a year ago i got a prescription for some roserum and some ambien for bad days
which works as long as you don't eat oily stuff for dinner
but hasn't been working this past week
even though i took a few weeks off from it a few weeks ago because i just didn't need it
clearly it's not working

so with 4% battery remaining
at 2:49am
i try to list
some of the things
which wake me up

1. onset of june and warm weather --> window open --> new sounds
2. loads of rain
3. new fan sounds (though off tonight)
4. change of temperature --> individual blankets instead of shared
5. imperative job change stress
6. amazing interview/budget to be determined, aka 'stress of the unknown'
7. really strange dreams
8. allergies causing bodily congestion
9. back pain
10. indecision about whether to cancel the gym membership for lack of not using it
11. upcoming d residency stress
12. upcoming personal statement due

a fairly inclusive list.

elaboration later.

for now, the battery needs recharging

and so do i.

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