target practice

here's what happens in my school when you ask for some support with a kid who's being a jackass and disrupting the class:

1. you're told by someone whose job it is to guide the child, that they're just 'off their rocker'

2. you're told by someone responsible for discipline that 'that shit don't fly'

3. you're told by the principal that 'the child has come a long way'

4. you're told by the parent to continue to call if there are any more problemos.

and after you're told all that:

1. you get docked 80 minutes of approved per session time you already worked and filled out timesheets for.

2. you get a formal directive letter from the principal sent via the secretary and hand delivered to your door.

3. you find out through a number of people that you're being talked about by the principal, who is quoted as saying, "why should i care what goes on in her classroom? if the child is being a problem only to her, the problem must be her"

did i mention i love the weather right now?

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