a week in pictures

we harvested the rest of the tomatoes we'd planted at d's parent's house in bergen beach.

i volunteered at two different adoption events, one in white plains, and the other here in the slope. in two days we found homes for 10 dogs and 7 cats. and 4 birds. this is butta bean, a 5 year old american bulldog, who no joke, proudly wore these sunglasses all day long.

and this is the newest addition to our four-legged black and white family. world, meet joan jett:


dp said...

joan jett does the robot. always a crowd pleaser.

Alex said...

lol! Who wouldn't love kitty? Adorable. Hmm...and would love some of those freshly picked toms, yummy.

Alex said...

Whoops! I've done the unthinkable...I've tagged you, here: http://wrywriter.com/?p=353

Er, good luck should you chose to do the challenge. :)

Leo MacCool said...

oh that cat! super cute! you two aren't bad, either. ;)