i am so sick

of this smarmy motherfucker
yanking his own dick
and talking about all the whoopdy doo fucking things he says he's done over his many many too many years, fucking retire already and move to one of your too many houses, unless you forgot where it is.
and i'm so fucking sick
of hearing his asinine retorts about what obama hasn't done or has stood up for
instead of what his own plan is
to fix this broken
fucked up
fuck this we're not 'entering a recession'
we're neck fucking deep in a national

the stock market is down
my friends are getting laid off
everything is getting more expensive
budgets everywhere are being cut

and i dont trust that face
to repair it.

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Alex said...

WOW! I couldn't agree with you more, but then, I don't live down there, nor have to put up with (directly that is) Chip and his cronies.

The farce last night was just that. Can everyone not see who the right choice is? Maybe if a truck ran them over.