riding riding riding

yesterday i participated in my first (dis)organized bike tour.

the tour de brooklyn - allegedly 18 miles of flat(ish) riding throughout the borough.

we started in dumbo, went down furhman, up atlantic, up washington, up eastern parkway, into the evergreen cemetary, up and around and through bushwick, funneled into a park with one gate to enter and one gate to leave, into east williamsburg, into williamsburg, into the navy yards, and back into dumbo to walt whitman park where i passed out in the grass for a while.

my flaggots consisted of rizzo and abs, and we also ran into my bike mechanics, thankfully because my old yellow fuji took quite a beating on this trek. somewhere on washington my chain fell off, and then after the race my front brake stopped working. traveling with my mechanics turned out to be a good decision, we skipped the after party because it was hideously crowded and played bad reggae and rode over to a little place with a back yard in prospect heights which had perogies....mmmmmm....fried things.

i had 3 beers. in a row. which is 3 more than i've had in many many months, like since my 29th birthday. i also learned that you look pretty gay riding around by yourself with an orange flag suspended 5 feet above your bike. but i was drunkish so it didn't really matter.

i knew i got burned but i didn't know how bad it was till i got home, passed out for a while, then got up in what must have been the onset of hangover + dehydration + muscular fatigue + hunger pain.

d took us to mazat and i ordered a cheeseburger. omg. then we came home, applied aloe, and i think i died.

i can't wait for the next one.

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Sarah said...

I just tooled around Ocracoke Island (Outerbanks on vacation) on an old cruiser. Fun times. But a mechanic would have been useful-- my chain fell off too.

Nice tan line!