disappointment - with a side of scungilli

back to fiorentinos, for the second time this week.

joey leaves for chi-town soon so it was mio famiglia italiano event.

i did better than last time.

here's what i ate tonight:

3 pieces of bread
1 breadstick
9 baked clams
1 mussel marinara
10 pieces of calmari
1.25 mozzarella in carozza
1/2 bowl rigatoni with shrimp sauce (white) (with parmesan cheese)
1 bite mamma's fish. (mamma doesn't eat fish - but at fiorentinos she does)
1 piece honeydew
3 pieces watermelon
1 tartufo (restraint)
1/2 section tiramisu
1/4 canoli

they didn't need to roll me out, but an alkaseltzer would do wonders right about now.

as for the disappointment - i had an interview scheduled for next week at a rilly rilly good school, but got a call today that they'd hired someone. srsly, who hires without meeting all the potential candidates?

it's 10pm on friday.

it's time for bed.

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