yesterday's rant

i've fallen out of touch with the local hipster events here in brooklyn and the greater nyc world.

partially because i've fallen out of touch with the hipsters i used to call friends

and partially because a great event to me these days is a night spent snuggling on the couch with my baby and a good movie.

(btw, see the real dirt on farmer john)

anyway, yesterday was the idiotarod here in brooklyn.

i can't say i know much about the event other than that it involves remaining attached to your team and their shopping cart for several hours, and attracts a veritable array of the young, hip, anti-conformist, williamsburgians and other such characters.

after a befuddling homecoming and a brief (due to wind chill factor) bike ride around my neighborhood i found that this group of young urban rebels had not practiced as i assumed they preached. dumped carts, trash, and other mysterious items were left strewn all over the neighborhood. my disappointment obvious when i went out seeking the guilty parties.

where to turn next? community board 6? i'm not sure.

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