a lesson in getting what you want

sometime after college but before grad school
after beginning work at circles but before quitting
sometime between 2001 and 2004 i learned a valuable lesson

confidence exists on a sliding scale
if you feel uncomfortable, they probably do too
and it doesn't much matter who they are
intimidation is nasty yet effective

i've spent the last 7 years attempting to perfect
the delicate balance between intimidation and complacency
with the appropriate sprinkle of humor and cheese added for flavor

of this particular sociological experiment
my findings are
complain mercilessly, with conviction
work hard, and leave little room for error
ask directly for what you want and/or need, but expect to be denied
utilize resourcefulness and self learning whenever the opportunity presents
recognize strengths in others to further each others' achievements
if you do a good job, expect to receive more responsibility, usually with little to no extra incentive
and know when to get out.

the cleanup crews for the idiotarod took the remaining carts out of red hook today
i'd like to think my bitching might have had a little tiny something to do with that


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