great idea, boss.

what does it mean when your supervisor complements you publicly for a project successfully launched and completed last year, and then privately comes to tell you the process of said project is 'tedious' and 'unsmart', and that there is a 'better', 'faster', and 'smarter' way to do this, it will just take some research and testing?


Ricochet said...

Better than our boss.

a) he won't complement you at all.
b) while he reams you out in private, it is at the top of his lungs so that any living, breathing entity around hears it.

And he wonders why he has no support.

Were the suggestions that vague or did you hear something that would help the project be better? If they were that vague, I would find a maven who could help decipher (is he being valid or a bitch?) or help evaluate the project (could this be jazzed up? Streamlined? whatever.)

You know your supervisor. Is he trying to sabotage you or the project? Or is he trying to help you?

apple said...

it's so demoralizing when administrators are so counterintuitive in educational settings. honestly ricochet, the suggestions were.that.vague. the quotes were "actual words" she used. not much more than what you read in quotes was said. this is an AP who has severe special needs in the area of comprehension, communication, and leadership. overall, this project totally helped the school. AP is pissed because she A. didn't think of it first, and B. would be unable to implement it herself. being that i have a full teaching schedule this year, with no designated administrative periods in my schedule, i think this is about seeing what she can squeeze from me this year and rationalizing why i'm unable to do the project again this year, and how she can be the hero by saving the project in her own (obsolete) way.

Ricochet said...

About my group home student:

I have another student who, at 18, has already traversed that part of the system successfully. When first student returns, I will put her with the second student. (I have the permission of the second student).

But first student has to come to school.

I hope this will make a difference.

About your AP - makes you wonder, doesn't it, why someone that insecure with no leadership skills wants to be in charge, doesn't it?