leaving for GVA

in 3 days, on Friday evening, i'll depart the good ole USA for my new home in Geneva, Switzerland for 3 weeks. I haven't traveled outside of the country in years, since 1998, unless you count the tiny islands off Puerto Rico, back in 2005, but that's still a commonwealth of the USA.

the program that i'm participating in is called the Global Program and i'll be getting a 2nd masters in education with a concentration in global education technology. right up my alley. i'll get to visit the United Nations and people from the International Labor Organization, Red Cross, and so on.

there are 18 other students in my class. i'm nervous, excited, scared, and amazed all at once.

and d got me an awesome new camera to take really really sweet photos with.


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Pissed Off said...

Have a great time. I'm at the total opposite end of Switzerland and as much as I would like, will not have a chance to get to your end. Zurich is great. The people are helpful and friendly. Tomorrow we are going on a field trip to Berne.

My new camera--Nikon D90 takes the most awesome pictures. I can't wait to get home and post them.