breaking news

two events of rather large proportion occurred between last thursday and friday.

thursday's events included a certain former principal of a certain school slated to be closed in june and reopened in september under a new name with new management being removed from her post as principal under allegations that she doctored high school students transcripts among other things. great discussion found over here.

and friday, i received my very first letter in my file. for being 7 minutes late to a staff meeting. a staff meeting i didn't know about until 630 the morning of, because no announcement was made, and i did not have the opportunity to check the office whiteboard during the 6 hour timeframe that the information was posted. the letter did not come as a surprise, but as a kick in the ass, considering i'd received no warning, had never been late to a meeting before, and walked in to find staff applauding me for the job i'd done on electronifying the progress reports online. i must say, it was certainly a great way for AP to throw her weight around. if she didn't have my respect before, she's certainly gone and outdone herself on trying to earn it by unfairly reprimanding me. my response letter was snarky and insulting enough to garner a mild response of avoidance from her. i'm sure i'll hear more tomorrow on whether the letter will stick or not. i'll fight it all the way if i have to.

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