my kid sister voted for romney

it's true.

and the only solace i take in knowing that is knowing that he dropped out today.

frequently i find myself angered and wondering how this little drooling girl could have turned into a liberal-hating, ultra right-wing, neo-con.

we were raised by the same parents, in the same house, in the same era. we're only 3 years apart, mom and dad both working for the public schools, always preaching the importance of family, the environment, and diversity. also frugality, the high cost of living, the unfairness of taxes, and the importance of being middle class. i mean hell, mom made that dress she's wearing, pattern of white splotchy hand prints, and a pillow to match. she just got rid of the pillow before they sold their house and moved.

her monotoned rhetoric disappoints me. her lack of ability to speak her convictions shames me. her misunderstanding of who her family was and is, her inability to look at where she came from, her notions that her beliefs - no matter the persuasion, do not need affirmation, flusters me.

where did my sister go, and who grew this beast in her place? how is it possible that two children of the same tree could grow in such opposite directions?

i listen to her choices and know my entire life disappoints her.

only her views, or lack of them, disappoint me.

i miss my drooling baby sister, the innocent, the pure one, the one who never would have cared if illegal immigrants jumped over a fence to threaten american jobs, or teenagers got abortions to threaten american morality.

i don't know when the maladies of others got in the way for her.

i don't know why she cares so little, so much.


julie said...

While some people might not mind having their familial disappointments made public for all internet users to see, I do. I take some solace in seeing the repeated "0 Comments" and take that to mean few to no people are reading this.
I don't see how or why my political inclinations would or should be of any concern or interest to you, let alone any of your "readers."
I think it's interesting you describe my rhetoric as monotoned - considering you have only ever used instant messenger to attack me and my "beliefs" and so inferring a monotone is quite presumptuous.
How dare you accuse me of not knowing who my family is or was - what are you implying? If we all adopted the same political leaning as our parents we would all still be Whigs, Tories, Communists, etc. Your own self proclaimed "extremely liberal" democrat is a relatively new phenomenon.
You are right on one thing - I do not need affirmation of my beliefs. I think that anyone who does is insecure in their own beliefs. I try to avoid political discourse at all costs - and this is precisely why. It causes rifts, and unnecessarily so. Political beliefs can be a very personal thing, emerging only in the privacy of the voting booth if one so chooses. I am not a politician, or a professional debater and so feel no obligation to indulge in your discussions.
Oh, and on a more personal note, you do not miss the drooling little baby, you hated that thing and took every opportunity to physically, emotionally and mentally abuse it. You miss the kid that obsessively followed you around, copied everything you did, and generally worshipped you. Unfortunately, that kid grew up, realized sibling worship isn't all it's cracked up to be, and (shock!!!) got some opinions of her own that just happen to diverge from the general opinion of New Yorkers.

-Romney '12

apple said...

comment # 2


but for serious - how can your political inclinations not be of concern to me, when i know that simple life choices for me, such as getting married or adopting a child would take on a greater meaning than my own happiness, to the point where you would disagree with the morality of my choices, simply because we have made different choices in life and value different things?

and you don't often attempt to engage me in much conversation, in fact this is the most we've had in quite some time. humorous to me that it's happening over my blog. i guess i've accomplished something by keeping it.

and you're wrong, julie. i do miss the drooling baby. she was cute and smart and you have absolutely no memories of what i may or may not have done to abuse you. for the record, at that age i didn't lay a finger on you. and just as you don't recall that, i don't recall being worshiped in any such way by you. all i have are the memories of mom telling me as such, and frankly, i believe a lot of that to be hearsay and rhetoric of her own accord.

so don't vent your issues here on my blog, take it to a therapist who can help you work it out, baby.

much love, brave sister.